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Monday, 10 October 2011 08:53

My First Ringgit is part of the Stretching Your Ringgit project. The Stretching Your Ringgit Project is an initiative of ERA Consumer Malaysia with the support of Citi Foundation to increase the number of low-to-middle income adults and/or youth who adopt positive financial behaviors and accumulate and preserve financial assets.

My First Ringgit is a financial education program which is targeted at kindergarten children aged 4 – 6 teaching them about money matters. It is a fun and informative Game Kit set developed for the classroom workshops. My First Ringgit is available in two languages (Bahasa Malaysia and English) which are the mediums of instruction for most kindergartens in Malaysia. The module covers five topics: What is money?; Introduction to Ringgit; Needs and Wants; Saving; and Sharing.

The objective of My First Ringgit is to promote good financial habits among the young generation. This is to prepare children for their financial future.

Financial education workshops will be carried out in selected kindergartens, targeting mostly children from low and middle income families. The workshops will expose these children to basic money lessons. For these children, it will be like learning a new language and giving them a head start in learning how to manage personal finances, making good choices, and behaving responsibly. A complete set of education kit which includes a guidebook for educators, tips for parents and various games to enhance learning process will be provided for kindergarten teachers to continue teaching the children about financial knowledge through interactive activities.

My First Ringgit is also downloadable from ERA Consumer website,

Let’s start from young!


  1. Click here to download the English Version of My First Ringgit Educators Module
  2. Click here to download the Bahasa Malaysia version of "Ringgit Pertama Saya" Module
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