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To consumers facing re-possession of their vehicle PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 January 2010 16:12


  • Do not try to evade your responsibility to pay the vehicle installments

  • Do not try and evade your responsibility by relocating the car in a remote location or at an inaccessible address.

  • Talk to your finance company if you are having difficulty in paying your installments. They will cooperate if they are convinced that you will settle the payments due, even if its slightly late.

  • If you feel that your financial commitments will not allow you to service your installments, it is better to voluntarily surrender your car to the finance company. By doing this, you can avoid paying re-possession charges.

  • Consumers should not buy a car if they cannot afford to pay the installments. It is important that they budget the expenses involved in owning a car before making a decision to purchase one.

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