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Reporting A Crime PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 10:52

Police departments need the help of the public in order to make the community a safer place to live and work in. Every citizen must do their part in reporting crime and suspicious activities.

They can help fight crime by learning how to protect themselves. Also, reporting crime can help to prevent others from being victims. There are many organizations and programs that exist to assist victims of crime and prevent future crime.

1. Stay calm

2. Call the police immediately


3. Always report a crime, even though the law does not require you to do so. If you do not report it, the police cannot help. Someone else may become a victim.


4. Identify yourself to the police and provide them with details such as your location and the nature of the crime that has happened.


5. If anyone is hurt, ask the police to call an ambulance.


6. When the police arrive, tell them exactly what you saw. Try to remember what the suspect looked like: age, height, clothing, face (for example; eyes, hair, scars and other features). Was the suspect driving a car? If so, try to remember the model, colour, registration number and direction of travel. Try to write down this information before the police arrive. The police will take a statement.


7. You may be asked to make a complaint or give evidence in court. Remember, if you do not help the police, the criminal may hurt somebody else.