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Monday, 04 May 2009 08:00

What are human rights?

Human rights are rights of all human beings as to their color, gender, race, religion, opinion, economy, social, political, nationality, property and other status. No one should be treated differently to one another.


How does the international law could protect a person?

By ratifying the international human rights treaties such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a country is obliged to undertake all the duties stated in the treaties. As in Malaysia, we do ratify the UDHR as long as it is compatible with our Federal Constitution.


Why do we need to know about human rights?

Everyone has the rights to enjoy their life and live how they want to. If your right is restricted, you will be unable to enjoy the way you prefer. You will be depressed knowing that there many things that cannot be done. This knowledge is important so that you know what you can do and what you deserve to have.


How do I get information about human rights in Malaysia?

ERA Consumer is an NGO that had translated various United Nation instruments into Bahasa Melayu so that all civilians can read and understand their rights. The information also can be obtained to other NGOs associated with ERA Consumer such as SUHAKAM and many more.

Through the campaigns that we had organized, civilians may gain skills and knowledge on their rights and know how to deal with it.

What if my human rights are violated?

You should lodge a report to the relevant authority and make clear on what human rights which had been violated. Provide with all necessary documents, evidences showing that you rights had be infringed.


How ERA Consumer help to promote and protect human rights?

ERA Consumer has been conducting various educations and awareness programmes which teaches the community at all level to know their legal rights and what to do once it is violated. Two of our major programmes throughout the years are Paralegal Training and Human Rights Training Programme (HRTP) dedicated to help the community to understand their rights.

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